Saturday, August 30, 2014

2 Legit. 2 Legit 2 Quit.

Yesterday I had my first story published online with the Salt Lake Tribune. My first article was chicken limits. Now, I know what you're thinking. How did they trust such a newbie journalist to cover such a wide reaching and vitally important topic as pet chicken limits, but I'm just THAT amazing. (link to my Trib article if you haven't read it yet!)
!!!!! SO LEGITIMATE !!!!!

I attended a Riverton city Planning Committee meeting on Thursday night where I heard from the city's officials and only two community members, but it's still pretty cool to see my name associated with the Salt Lake Tribune because I really respect the kind of news they cover in Utah.

I never wanted to intern with the Deseret News because I feel like being a BYU student I already have that stigma of being Ultra Conservative Queen, and I just want to be known for my journalistic talents, and now for who or what I vote for. I want readers to appreciate the work I put out because it's good, and not because they agree with my political views. I'm a girl, so being mysterious is something we should always deem important. If you can figure me out in a few minutes I'll feel like a failure.
My sister brought my niece to visit me at work!

On top of being a legitimately published journalist, I finally quit the homeless existence I had come accustomed to and moved into my new home! I love it! I've spent the past two days unpacking and organizing. Humans collect way too much unnecessary junk, but I'm so excited for this new place! Especially because I'm surrounded by very good company. I can't wait to be able to have weekends to chill out and especially to be able to always go to church on Sundays!

Last semester I worked with special needs adults at their group home and a lot of the time I drove them to church on Sundays, missing church, or worked the full day on Sunday and missed activities, but this semester all of my jobs will be during the week. That's right, I said jobS! Plural!

Not only am I a part-time intern with the Trib, but I'm also the web content editor for BYU's 11 News and the opinion editor for BYU's newspaper, The Universe. I'm going to be a busy girl, but I can't wait for it all to start, and especially to be surrounded by my journalism friends again!!

2014 has definitely been my year.

p.s. I'll post pictures of my room once I'm all finished decorating and beautifying.

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